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Thursday, May 2, 2013

We Love Women

We love women. Who doesn't want to love them? Who doesn't want to fall in love with them? Who among us aren't enchanted by their profound beauty, their being good-natured, their out-of-this-world after-bath fragrance, their being so delicate, their being cute inside and out, their perfect external beauty, curves and all, their sweet smile and everything feminine about them. Indeed, females are the masterpiece of the Great Creator or whoever created them, may it be plain nature or an Almighty Being. He-he.
Look at their eyes, look at their lips, look at their curves? Do you feel her? She's a masterpiece... IMAGE SOURCE
On this blog we will get to meet lots of women around the world whom we will adore, fantasize, fall in love with, drool over with and anything non-destructive for our dear females. We love them so we should pay great respect to them, right?

Nowadays, it's quite saddening that there are some places in the world where women are abused, harassed and discriminated. I hope this blog will kind of, somehow, raise awareness of the essence and significant role of the feminine kind in this world. To realize how precious they are, like a very rare gem that is so vital like oxygen - without them men will die.

My girlfriend is against this blog. But I will still do so. Men will gonna love this. Women might find sympathy here because in the end, this blog is all about them.

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