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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Janella Salvador

This young gorgeous Filipina caught my attention when I chanced upon her picture on a Facebook page that features pretty Pinay girls. I took a close look and I realized she is Sir Chief's daughter in a popular morning comedy series Please Be Careful With My Heart. I Google-d her name and voila! her name is Janella Salvador. I then learned that she is the daughter of a 90's TV personality Jenine Desiderio, a singer-actress. It was quite amazing that this gorgeous young lady is a daughter of a previously well-known singer-actress back in my time. Janella gained more exposure after she starred the Palmolive shampoo commercial with its very catchy jingle. The commercial showcased her beautiful fresh face and her very charming sweet smile. Her cheekbones, her cute teeth, slender physique and her overflowing charm are just perfect for this girl to be the next best thing in the local Philippine show business. And don't forget, she can act fairly well.
Included in the latest Star Magic Circle 2013, she's still very young yet very promising. And her beauty and appeal, I know there's more to offer as she full-bloom to womanhood in the next coming years. I can see her becoming the next Kim Chiu, Bea Alonzo, Angelica Panganiban and the like. Hopefully she won't get pregnant anytime soon, just like every other local rising Filipina starlets. 

*This awesome female is from the Philippines, I think pure-blood Filipina.
For more info, you can check her Wikipedia entry.

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