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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ellen Adarna

Ellen Meriam Go Adarna in real life, this hottie Cebuana is a real tough chick. She is both a rebel and a runaway damsel-in-distress until she stepped on the solid grounds of Kapuso networkAll her life she can't seem to live under her dad's shadow, thus the numerous running away and a couple of odd jobs (including a call center work in Cebu) that has fortified this honey. And that explains her tough attitude, now being an independent young lady at the age of 24. Currently, she is a GMA talent who has her fair share of acting stints on Bubble GangCaptain Barbell Ang PagbabalikAlice Bungisngis and her Wonder WalisIndio and the reality TV, Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown (not really acting). She also starred on these 2 movies namely Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote and Boy Pick-Up: The MovieAnd this successful feat in the Philippine tinsel town all boils down from her conflict with her unpermissive father.  She laments working for her dad's business during summer vacation instead of enjoying the beach with friends since she was in grade 4. It was a tough job for a first-born like her being pushed to the limits by the owner of Queensland Motels in Cebu, Manila and Davao. Yes they own it and just like Paris Hilton (the famous Hotel Heiress), we can actually call Ellen Adarna as the "motel heiress". Nevertheless, she admits that one day everything will be cool again between her dad and her, and she'll take over the family business. In the mean time, she enjoys being a model (she poses for men's magazines like UNO, FHM and the like) and an actress, a serious actress in no time.
*This awesome female is from the Philippines, of Chinese and Spanish descent.
For more info about her, you can check this site
And for her photo gallery, click here.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Michelle Rodriguez

Mayte Michelle Rodríguez in real life, Michelle Rodriguez is the rebel hottie girlfriend Letty of Vin Diesel in the fast-paced nitro-burning The Fast and the Furious saga. A native Texan from San Antonio, this tough honey has been a household name when it comes to action-packed movies i.e. The Fast and the Furious (2001), Resident Evil (2002), S.W.A.T. (2003), Avatar (2009) and Fast & Furious (2009), Machete (2010), Battle: Los Angeles (2011), Resident Evil: Retribution (2012), Fast and Furious 6 (2013), and Machete Kills (2013). She's even part of a really well-known TV series Lost, where she played the role of Ana Lucia Cortez in its second season. She had her first major acting stint when she played the role of a tough tomboyish character in a 2000 independent film Girlfight. Despite her Latina charm, she was suspected to be bisexual however lately, she was rumored shopping for an engagement ring with his unknown boyfriend (read story here).

*This awesome female was born in the USA. Her father is from Puerto Rico and her mom's from Dominican Republic.
For more info about her, check her official website or this profile.

Arianny Celeste

Arianny Celeste-Penelope Lopez Marquez in real life, this oozing-hot honey got her fame flashing round cards on the prestigious UFC ring. She is said to be a Mexican-Filipina, and had been so famous  to Filipinos ever since, and even to other men of foreign decent after her censored photos leaked all over the Internet. Fortunately it was contained before further damage occur against her reputation. Celeste has modeled for magazines such as MaximFHMSports IllustratedFighter's Only Magazine and Playboy. Surprisingly, this angel-faced round girl has her own fair share of delinquency. She was arrested last year for domestic violence against her partner Praveen Chandra who had a couple of violent complaints against this UFC girl.
*This awesome female is from the USAborn in Las VegasNevada. She is of Mexican and Filipino descent.
For more info about her, check her official website.

Marian Rivera

The versatile actress from the Philippines, is actually a Spanish mestiza (half-Filipina, half-Spanish blood). Yup, his father is a Spaniard (I only learned that today) and she was born in Madrid, Spain. Marian Gracia Rivera in real life, this outstanding lady has been the talk of the town after she played Marimar on the Kapuso network soap opera remake of the same-title Mexican hit, making her a household name. After that, main Kapuso programs were topbilled by this highly talented actress including Amaya, Show Me the Manny, Dyesebel, Endless Love, Party Pilipinas, etc... Also adding to her personal wealth vault, she endorses big names of the Philippine mega business world from PLDT to SM Residences. She actually topped the list of endorsers in the recent years, outshining top local celebs like Manny PacquiaoJohn Lloyd Cruz, Piolo PascualKim ChiuKris Aquino and the like. However, she's on her turning point of her career now after having a break up with his long-time manager Popoy Caritativo (not with long-time boyfriend Dingdong Dantes, see story here) and is being rumored to go Kapamilya when her GMA contract expires in August. As of this writing, she is this month's Cosmopolitan Magazine's cover girl in bikini. This is her latest Cosmo photo:

*This awesome female is from the Philippines, half-Spanish.
For more info about her, click here.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sam Pinto

A super-hot Filipina famously known as Neneng B, Sam Pinto rose to fame after becoming one of the housemates in the 2009 Kapamilya network Pinoy Big Brother: Double UpIt's a sin if we will not include this one-of-a-kind honey in our blog, being one of the hottest among the hottest in the local scene.

With her beautiful face, to-die-for physique, this is her powerhouse arsenal to kick-ass all the other hot women in the Philippine showbiz industry. Samuelle Lynne Acosta in real life, Sam became a household name anew after becoming the hard-sought Neneng B of the hugely-watched segment "Boy Pick-up" of the longest-running comedy/gag show in the Philippines, "Bubble Gang".

Being one of the hottest and sexiest young celebrity, Sam is raking millions endorsing giant brands like SanMig LightFitrumMint Clothing lineBayo, etc... She was also last seen endorsing a Philippine senatorial candidate, JV Ejercito Estrada (who is now a Senator-elect, son of the ousted President Joseph Ejercito Estrada).

*This awesome female is from the Philippines, pure Pinay I guess.
For more info about her, you can check her Wikipedia entry.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kristen Stewart

The girl who became the legendary Bella Swan on the super-famous Twilight SagaShe was said to be a child actress being born in LA, California. Born 1990, this young woman still has a long track record waiting for her. Very beautiful and really extra-hot, her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson couldn't resist her charm and had her as a girlfriend. However, there were news about Kristen's infidelity that left Robert a bit empty-handed. I think he lost her to Michael Angarano.  Still young, wild and rich, we can never know what can happen to this young lass. Hopefully, she won't do a Lindsay Lohan anytime soon.
*This awesome female is from the USA, she has Australian blood (her mom's an Aussie).
For more info about her, you can check her IMDB page.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Yam Concepcion

I saw her first on FHM, then I heard she's a new Viva darling who starred on an Erik Matti film Rigodon, and then she popped out on the latest Kapamilya afternoon telenovela, Dugong BuhayI said yeah, this girl (whose name sounds like the yummy Jollibee burger, Lorraine May Concepcion in real life) has a very unique charisma. She's pretty and the longer you see her on TV the more you get hooked on her beauty. And now, I'm a fan.

Her Pinay, yet chinita, angelic, innocent looks reminds us of that Anjanette Abayari-appeal, only that Yam has a bit fairer skin (I believe Anjanette is morena). No wonder her leading man EJ Falcon is rumored to be attracted to her (or vice versa?). If you would see her first time on her Kapamilya telenovela, you would think she is a wholesome actress. Her looks is kinda deceiving. Try to Google her name and you'll see hundreds of her sexy, semi-nude photos from different men's magazine. However, despite her sexy background, i still find her decent. Maybe because of her looks. For some reason she looks like a "kolehiyala" (college honey) from a well-reputed Philippine school, like a campus sweetheart either from La Salle, Ateneo or UP. After all, she came from De La Salle - Benilde (Sam Pinto, as well). If she's not a sexy actress/model, I would mistake her for a hot lawyer, or a super-hot policewoman. I don't know, I cannot explain it. She gives me a different kind of "chills" ~ sexy ones.
A few more push on her acting career and this girl will be catapulted to total stardom. She got the X-factor and if she really want it, her mass appeal will let her. Also if the Kapamilya big bosses will get to notice her potential which is quite a fat chance since there are hordes of equally beautiful starlets around the vicinity. But then again, her awesome sex appeal to men will be her ultimate ace.

*This awesome female is from the Philippines, she looks like a purebred Filipina.
For more info, you can check this Philippine Star article.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Jessy Mendiola

This Filipina actress' beauty is outstanding. She ain't pretty. She's plain beautiful. I noticed this fine lass during my lazy weekday afternoons stuck on TV while trying to snooze down. She starred in that drama Paraiso together with Matteo Guidicelli, which is about a very complicated affair that started when these two lone shipwreck survivors had their first encounter in an exotic island. The show was a hit among televiewers who enjoyed a fair share of sexy soap opera during hot lazy afternoons.

Jessy Mendiola is a goddess of beauty. With her white flawless complexion, Tisay looks, slender petite figure and sensitive curves and other feminine features, she's just all so alluring and highly attractive. I know I'm not the only one who feel like this about Jessy, but hordes of Filipinos who get to watch her on Kapamilya TV shows. I believe she's Cebuana who among Filipinas have a big reputation for being the most beautiful Pinays. But I don't care. What's important is that she's a native Filipina and can speak the local language well. 
She's out of the limelight now, but I know this girl will never run out of projects from her network. Anytime soon, ABS-CBN might pop out another soap or any other show for this talented beautiful young lady. She got a lot of potential and surely we will miss her if she's gonna be out from show business anytime soon.

*This awesome female is from the Philippines, I think pure-blood Filipina.
For more info, you can check her Wikipedia entry.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Janella Salvador

This young gorgeous Filipina caught my attention when I chanced upon her picture on a Facebook page that features pretty Pinay girls. I took a close look and I realized she is Sir Chief's daughter in a popular morning comedy series Please Be Careful With My Heart. I Google-d her name and voila! her name is Janella Salvador. I then learned that she is the daughter of a 90's TV personality Jenine Desiderio, a singer-actress. It was quite amazing that this gorgeous young lady is a daughter of a previously well-known singer-actress back in my time. Janella gained more exposure after she starred the Palmolive shampoo commercial with its very catchy jingle. The commercial showcased her beautiful fresh face and her very charming sweet smile. Her cheekbones, her cute teeth, slender physique and her overflowing charm are just perfect for this girl to be the next best thing in the local Philippine show business. And don't forget, she can act fairly well.
Included in the latest Star Magic Circle 2013, she's still very young yet very promising. And her beauty and appeal, I know there's more to offer as she full-bloom to womanhood in the next coming years. I can see her becoming the next Kim Chiu, Bea Alonzo, Angelica Panganiban and the like. Hopefully she won't get pregnant anytime soon, just like every other local rising Filipina starlets. 

*This awesome female is from the Philippines, I think pure-blood Filipina.
For more info, you can check her Wikipedia entry.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Park Min-young

Her star name is Park Min-young. I'm not a big fan of Korean pop culture but this girl really caught my attention. She is Jane Yoon from an intense Korean drama Glory Jane being aired in the Kapamilya network which is dubbed in Filipino. Unknown to me, this beautiful lady has been a big star since starring on the previous Korean hit series City Hunter and being part of the cast of other big Korean hit dramas and comedies. We are crazy about her because of her:
  • lovely eyes, nose and lips
  • very sweet smile
  • hot body
  • overall radiance
  • kinda girl-next-door appeal
She's just so lovable, maybe because of her lovable features mostly facial plus her slender curvaceous figure. And when she smiles, you're gonna melt, I think. I wonder how she looks like in person. Maybe like a living doll or something. I have no idea about her love life or anything about her life but I don't care as long as I know her now I'm fine. And you guys who didn't know her until you get to read this today, you should thank me for knowing this fine piece of female breed. I'm just wishing her beauty isn't 90% medically-enhanced. I have my doubts, though.

*This awesome female is from South Korea.
For more info, you can check her Wikipedia entry.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Anne Curtis

The charming little girl from the 90's movie Magic Temple who have grown up to be a Goddess or Dyosa, Ms. Anne Curtis is your ultimate cover girl nowadays endorsing lots of brands and making madlangbarako's drooling over her sizzling-hot sex appeal. We are crazy about her because of her:
  • beautiful wide smile
  • big juicy lips
  • flawless skin
  • hot curves all over
  • her wacky crazy attitude
  • her girly ways
  • big heart
A few of these non-physical descriptions are assumptions, anyway. However, millions love seeing her on her top-rated noontime show Showtime together with her fun co-hosts. Currently, she is in a happy long-term relationship with Erwan Heusaff and that kinda make us sad. We do not want to see her pregnant or getting married anytime soon or getting linked to any bad boys in showbusiness or outside showbusiness. For now we have no choice but to be happy that she's being taken care of a nice dude like Erwan.

*This awesome female breed is from the Philippines with Australian blood.

For more info, you can check her Wikipedia entry.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

We Love Women

We love women. Who doesn't want to love them? Who doesn't want to fall in love with them? Who among us aren't enchanted by their profound beauty, their being good-natured, their out-of-this-world after-bath fragrance, their being so delicate, their being cute inside and out, their perfect external beauty, curves and all, their sweet smile and everything feminine about them. Indeed, females are the masterpiece of the Great Creator or whoever created them, may it be plain nature or an Almighty Being. He-he.
Look at their eyes, look at their lips, look at their curves? Do you feel her? She's a masterpiece... IMAGE SOURCE
On this blog we will get to meet lots of women around the world whom we will adore, fantasize, fall in love with, drool over with and anything non-destructive for our dear females. We love them so we should pay great respect to them, right?

Nowadays, it's quite saddening that there are some places in the world where women are abused, harassed and discriminated. I hope this blog will kind of, somehow, raise awareness of the essence and significant role of the feminine kind in this world. To realize how precious they are, like a very rare gem that is so vital like oxygen - without them men will die.

My girlfriend is against this blog. But I will still do so. Men will gonna love this. Women might find sympathy here because in the end, this blog is all about them.