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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Park Min-young

Her star name is Park Min-young. I'm not a big fan of Korean pop culture but this girl really caught my attention. She is Jane Yoon from an intense Korean drama Glory Jane being aired in the Kapamilya network which is dubbed in Filipino. Unknown to me, this beautiful lady has been a big star since starring on the previous Korean hit series City Hunter and being part of the cast of other big Korean hit dramas and comedies. We are crazy about her because of her:
  • lovely eyes, nose and lips
  • very sweet smile
  • hot body
  • overall radiance
  • kinda girl-next-door appeal
She's just so lovable, maybe because of her lovable features mostly facial plus her slender curvaceous figure. And when she smiles, you're gonna melt, I think. I wonder how she looks like in person. Maybe like a living doll or something. I have no idea about her love life or anything about her life but I don't care as long as I know her now I'm fine. And you guys who didn't know her until you get to read this today, you should thank me for knowing this fine piece of female breed. I'm just wishing her beauty isn't 90% medically-enhanced. I have my doubts, though.

*This awesome female is from South Korea.
For more info, you can check her Wikipedia entry.

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